HoverPin is a highly innovative, intelligent platform that helps travel-related businesses provide personalized local recommendations & assistance to their customers.

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About HoverPin

HoverPin is a next generation platform that delivers unique and powerful customer experiences at scale

“[Virtual Concierge] is definitely the hospitality technology to watch out for over the next years.”

Top Hospitality Technology Trends and Insights in 2019 and Beyond, SOEG JOBS

“Personalization can reduce acquisition costs by up to 50%, lift revenues 5-15%, and increase efficiency of marketing spend by 10-30%.”

McKinsey Nov. 2016

An Integrated Platform

Our platform provides a portfolio of Travel & Support Services

Personalized Local Guides
Provides personalized, off-beaten-path views of local places and events
Travel Itineraries
Collaborate with customers on creating local interactive itineraries

24/7 Bot, Voice & Human Concierge
Using AI tech, provides task, planning, reservation support 24/7. Delivered via Voice, Tablet, or Mobile

These components are powered by our innovative content engine. Whether deployed together or individually, they deliver a unique and engaging customer experience.


Our Approach

HoverPin surfaces and aggregates travel and local content from a range of topics

HoverPin aggregates best-of-class web content from a multitude of sources around the web and delivers it through app, bots, voice-assistant and so much more. Topics include:

  • Food & Travel
  • Art and architecture
  • History and culture
  • Fitness
  • Family and activities
  • Social media


Build Customer Loyalty

Builds customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue.

Enhanced Promotions

Enhances relevance of promotions and communications (via personalization).

Customer Insights

Gathers powerful customer insights.

Enhanced Revenue

Generates booking fees.


Scales the concierge experience at little incremental cost.

Low Cost

Rapid, modular, and low cost deployment.

Seamless and Modular Integration

HoverPin can be implemented rapidly at low cost as well as fit seamlessly with your brand and design.

Quickly plug-and-play those capabilities you want with our cloud-based model
Your Branding/Design
Easily adapts to your own brand and design
Provides a ‘Control Panel’ to customize the customer experience (interactivity, content)
Existing Devices
Can use any existing Voice and Tablet devices you have without added capital investment
See our Hotels Solution


HoverPin is accessible via Web, Mobile, Bots, Voice Assistants, Calendars, Messenger & more

Concierge Bot

See an example of a Digital Assistant that can help you find events, restaurants and so much more.

Local Explorer

Explore any location from around the world.

Voice Assistant

Explore any location from around the world.

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