Welcome to the HoverPin Concierge Bot

This is an example of an AI-powered bot that can help improve travel & concierge services. It can:

  • Translate people's requests into commands that can be understood and processed by computers
  • Understand what additional information is needed to process a request
  • Collect all necessary information for a particular request
  • Work in conjunction with Human concierge to help fulfill requests
  • And of course, it can be customized to handle any type of requests
  • Integrates directly with LivePerson

Copy & paste one of the following sentences or any variation in the 'Type a Message' Box:
  • Can you help me find a birthday gift
  • I need a birthday gift for my wife for less then $200
  • Find me a gift for my wife
  • Where can I eat oysters in Paris
  • Can you please book a table for 4 at Alfredo
  • What's the weather in Lisbon
  • Can you recommend an italian restaurant?
  • I need plane tickets to London
  • I need a table for 4 at Alfredo
  • I need to make flight reservations
  • I need to make restaurant reservations
  • Can you find me tickets to Hamilton?
  • Let's explore berlin
Live Demo

In the following example, notice how the system breaks down a request.
The sentence "I need a birthday gift for my wife for less then $200" is parsed as follow:

Alan maynard
Answers in less than 18 hours
02:49 pm
Hey iam Alan ! Iam here to help. What can i do for you ?
02:48 pm
Hello, someone out there ? I could use some help